About Us

I am a small-scale hobby breeder of these amazing cats based in Sheffield, England. I fell in love with Ragdolls several years ago and having seen some horrific breeding practices, I decided that I would set up my own ethical and humane breeding programme which would focus totally on the health, comfort and well-being of the cats and kittens in my care.  

I firmly believe that to cage cats is a crime and as such my cats have total freedom and run of the family home where there are no cages or outdoor pens of any description. Furthermore, it is my preference to allow cats secure access to the outdoors to let them experience the sights, sounds and scents of nature. Some people would disagree with this, saying that Ragdolls are “indoor" cats only, however I feel that I can ensure their safety and am comfortable with my decision to allow them out. I am in no doubt that this greatly enhances their quality of life and in any case; Ragdolls by their very nature prefer to be in the company of humans and rarely show any inclination to wander too far away.  

My breeding cats are first and foremost my cherished family pets. It is common practise that once they retire from producing kittens, breeding Queens are sold on, being of no further "use," which for me is absolutely unthinkable. I also don't participate in cat shows as in my opinion it is everything felines hate and fear, namely; travelling, cages, crowds and noise.  

I am a certified member of the GCCF Breeders’ Scheme under the Prefix: ‘DollyDazzler’, (my details can be found on their list of recommended breeders) and as such I adhere strictly to their code-of-conduct for best practise. 

 My cats are fed a top-quality diet and receive regular health checks from their vet. They are also all certified free of HCM and PKD, meaning all offspring will be too. I only ever raise one litter at a time which ensures the babies and Mum receive the maximum time, attention and devotion. Kittens are born in a safe and cosy ‘nursery’ and are handled and loved from a very young age. Every effort is given to offer the babies social interaction, excellent food, careful grooming and above all, tender loving care. Consequently, my kittens flourish into healthy, playful bundles of joy who grow to be trusting and loyal to their new owners. My kittens are only ever sold as loved family pets and NOT for breeding. I do not neuter kittens before they leave me; to do so would be quite cruel and in fact many vets won’t even do the operation at such a young age. Both male and female kittens need to reach adolescence, (at least 6 months old) before being neutered to allow them to release natural growth hormones, thereby ensuring the Ragdoll reaches it’s full, glorious stature. The kittens leave for their new homes at 13 weeks of age having been fully vaccinated and health-checked by my vet. I pride myself on re-homing my babies to like-minded & genuine cat-loving people who have all proven to be excellent owners, many of whom have stayed in touch, regularly sending beautiful photos which can be viewed in our Gallery. 


Monty is a magnificent 100% proven Seal-Mitted stud. At six years of age, he is now in his prime. His fur is a thick, luxurious ivory and his points are deep seal brown. Monty has pure white "boots" on his back legs and white "socks" on his front paws as part of his mitted patterning. His eyes are a deep, sapphire blue and his character is huge. Monty adores being fussed and is very vocal when demanding my attention. His five-generation pedigree also includes Champions and he is on the "Active" register with the GCCF.


Tilly is one of my GCCF 'Active' Queens. She is a four year-old Blue Colourpoint from a fine ancestry which includes Champions on both sides. Tilly has a very impressive long, silky, ice-white coat which sets off her striking blue eyes. She has a typical Ragdoll temperament and likes nothing more than to curl up on your lap to be groomed and stroked. Tilly is proving to be an excellent mother, lavishing much love and attention on her babies.


Raffaella or 'Fifi' for short, is a Blue Lynx Colourpoint Ragdoll and is the youngest of my GCCF 'Active' parent cats. With her dense, bunny-soft coat, characteristic tabby markings and impressive plumed tail, she is a perfect example of the type. Fifi has a a friendly, quirky nature and 'chatters' constantly while following me from room to room. I expect her to become a first-time Mum in Spring of 2021.

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